Resources and information for review authors

  • Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions - the official guide to writing Cochrane reviews
  • MECIR standards - Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews - provides information about mandatory review reporting
  • RevMan web page - documentation and support for software for preparing and maintaining Cochrane reviews
  • GRADEproGDT - is the software used to create 'Summary of findings' (SoF) tables in Cochrane systematic reviews
  • Covidence - enables authors to import citations, screen titles and abstracts, upload references, screen full text references, assess risk of bias, perform data extraction, and export data in a range of formats
  • Cochrane Style Manual - guides you to apply Cochrane style for your Review
  • CONSORT - reporting of RCTs
  • PRISMA (formerly QUOROM) - preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • STROBE - reporting of observational studies in epidemiology
  • EQUATOR Network - collection of reporting guidelines
  • Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy Group
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Search-related resources

The following resources are available to assist Cochrane Review authors. Access to the resources requires log-in

De-duplicator - designed to automatically detect and remove duplicate records with an optional review stage to minimise errors.

Word Frequency Analyser - counts the number of terms that appear in the title, abstract and keywords of a list of relevant articles so you know which terms to include in your search strategy.

Polyglot Search Translator – enables writing an Ovid MEDLINE or PubMed search strategy and convert it to run in other health databases such as Embase, CINAHL, PsycINFO, Scopus and Web of Science.

EndNote Helper - a companion application to EndNote software; uses hotkeys to assign references to a group to make screening faster and easier, and to look for PDFs in various locations, such as institutional libraries, Google Scholar and PubMed.

RevMan Replicant (in development - beta version)

Requires log in RevMan Replicant automatically compiles a results section from data analysis tables (forest plots), for abstract and results sections of articles.

Training workshops (face to face)

Timetable and registration information to attend Australian training workshops scheduled for this year is available here.  Information on all international workshops and courses in review production are listed on the Cochrane Workshops and courses page.

Online training

  • Open Learning Materials - learn the steps in convenient online modules which supplement the Cochrane Reviewers' Handbook in helping you gain skills and complete your review. Contact for more information.