EoI: join review team

Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections has an opportunity for suitably-qualified potential review authors (including a lead author) to be involved in the update of a review looking at positioning for acute respiratory distress in hospitalised infants and children.

Interested? Please let us know about your:

  • clinical experience or knowledge relevant to the review’s topic area; 
  • Cochrane Review author experience (a list of your published Cochrane Reviews from the past 5 years would be ideal); and 
  • familiarity with Cochrane methods. Please let us know if you have contributed to a review update and if you are familiar with MECIR criteria for updates.

As an author your responsibilities for the update will include activities such as screening search findings; extracting data; analysis and interpretation of data; conducting risk of bias assessment for new evidence added for the update; amending results and reporting any changes. The review update team will need to have access to an experienced health librarian (information specialist) and a health library to check search strategies, possibly to run searches, and obtain copies of publications.

You will have the support of co-authors who have worked on previous versions of the review.

The scope of the review will change for the update; neonates had been included as a subgroup previously but will be omitted for the update. (This population was covered in a later review).

Please send your expression of interest to Ann Jones at the Cochrane ARI Group (anjones@bond.edu.au) before 13 March 2019. We will pass expressions of interest on to the continuing update authors. Decisions about the review update team will be made through discussion with the continuing update authors.

Liz Dooley, ARI Managing Editor (ldooley@bond.edu.au) can provide further information about the review and roles.